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Park and Ride

Combine the freedom of your own car with the convenience and cost-savings of the bus with your local Park & Ride.

With Park & Ride you can trade in your bumper-to-bumper, Highway 4 commute to BART for a quick local drive to your neighborhood Park & Ride lot. Centrally located throughout East County, Park and Ride lots offer plenty of free parking and several connections to BART & beyond on Tri Delta Transit.

Four convenient Park & Rides to serve you:

  • Antioch - Sunset Rd, corner of Hillcrest & Hwy 4
  • Brentwood - Walnut Blvd. at Dainty
  • Discovery Bay - Bixler Rd. at Highway 4
  • Pittsburg - Bliss at Harbor Blvd.
  • Oakley – COMING SOON!

THINK FAST. Express Route 300 to BART.

Catch Express Route 300 Westbound from the Brentwood, Oakley or Antioch.

With only four stops between Brentwood & BART and over 30 departures to choose from every weekday, Express Route 300 is the fastest and most convenient way to BART. Plus no parking fees or long parking lot walks in the rain or heat! Enjoy station front drop off when you ride Tri Delta Transit to BART from Park & Ride. Make your Express Route 300 connection at the following locations:

  • Antioch Park & Ride (Free Parking) – Sunset Rd, corner of Hillcrest & Hwy 4
  • Brentwood Park & Ride (Free Parking) – Walnut Blvd. at Dainty

Other Route 300 Stops (non park & ride locations):

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