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Real Time Arrival Information

Click on the bus stop ID number to see when the bus will arrive at this bus stop.

Note: Real time information is only available for buses arriving/departing within a one-hour time period. If real time information is not displayed/provided for a particular route, refer to the printed schedule. Schedules are available online at

Bus Stops

390 - Eastbound (from BART) - Weekday Service
CityStreetCross StreetLandmarkBus Stop ID
AntiochBuchanan RoadSomersville Road 814318
AntiochBuchanan RoadGentrytown Drive 814325
AntiochBuchanan RoadSan Jose Drive 818371
AntiochBuchanan RoadBalboa Court 819767
AntiochContra Loma BoulevardSt. Francis Drive 815650
AntiochContra Loma BoulevardSan Jose Drive 815645
AntiochContra Loma BoulevardContra Loma PlazaSavemart815666
AntiochContra Loma BoulevardLongview Road 815678
AntiochDavison DriveSunset Lane 810570
AntiochDavison DriveGarrow Drive 810562
AntiochDavison DriveBurwood Way 810558
AntiochDavison DriveHarbour Drive 810543
AntiochDavison DriveHarris Drive 819798
AntiochHillcrest AvenueLarkspur Drive 817398
AntiochJames Donlon BoulevardContra Loma Boulevard 814271
AntiochJames Donlon BoulevardCommunity Park 815357
AntiochJames Donlon BoulevardG Street 815361
AntiochJames Donlon BoulevardSouth Royal Links Circle 815342
AntiochLone Tree WaySutter Delta 813518
AntiochLone Tree WaySunset Lane 813502
AntiochSunset Lane none Hillcrest Park & Ride817754
PittsburgBuchanan RoadLoveridge Road 819353
PittsburgBuchanan RoadVentura Drive 814840
PittsburgBuchanan RoadMeadows Avenue 814855
PittsburgEast Leland RoadRailroad Avenue 818430
PittsburgEast Leland RoadHarbor Street 814466
PittsburgEast Leland RoadHomewood Drive 814801
PittsburgEast Leland RoadStoneridge DriveWoods Manor Apartments814547
PittsburgEast Leland RoadDias CirclePresident's Park Apartments814552
PittsburgLoveridge RoadLoveridge CircleAM PM Gas Station814421
PittsburgLoveridge RoadStoneman Avenue 814817
PittsburgLoveridge RoadVentura DriveRaley's Center & DMV814829
PittsburgWest Leland Road  Pittsburg/Bay Point BART818889
PittsburgWest Leland RoadDelta Vista Lane 814736
PittsburgWest Leland RoadChestnut Drive 814743
PittsburgWest Leland Road SugarTree Drive 814758
PittsburgWest Leland RoadJacqueline Drive 814762
PittsburgWest Leland RoadDaffodil Drive 814770
PittsburgWest Leland RoadJohn Henry Johnson ParkwayStoneman Park816667
PittsburgWest Leland RoadGolf Club RoadPittsburg Golf Club817253
PittsburgWest Leland RoadDover Way 817847
PittsburgWest Leland RoadBurton Avenue 817852
PittsburgWest Leland RoadBetty Lane 815199
Note: Bus stops are listed in alphabetical order by City then street. The cross street, landmark and bus stop ID number are included to provide additional information to help locate the bus stop.

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